Tighten By Elongation.

Bolt Control. 

Tighten By Elongation helps you get in control with your bolt joints. In cooperation with Kamp Innovation ApS and Flex Wind a new innovative method has been developed to control bolt joints in the most secure and efficient way. 

Bolt joints are important in construction of wind turbines, and with the rapidly increasing turbine sizes the need of good bolt joints is getting even bigger.

The TBE method takes care of all the uncertainties on tightening bolts as variations on friction and tool calibration.  All bolt joints are maintenance free and the method can be used on both installation and service.

The method is approved by DNV-GL and ready to bring your wind turbine in 100 % bolt control.



100 %  bolt control.

Benefit #02

Maintenance free bolt joints.

Benefit #03

Cost reduction on bolt joints.

TBE Method.

# 1 — How does a bolt work?

The theory behind a bolt.


# 2 — Bolt P-station

Preparation of bolts before installation.

# 3 — Bolt check with Test stand

Bolts are tested in the Test Stand and the needed elongation is found. 


# 4 — How to tighten a bolt by Elongation

The TBE method to tighten bolts based on elongation. 


# 5 — Bolt service

Service and maintenance on bolt joints.